A Psychic Medium Step-by-Step Guide On How To Communicate With The Other Side!

There is not other individual as powerful as a psychic medium. Aside from the other psychic gifts that he might have, a psychic medium has the unique ability to establish connections with the spiritual realm — guardian angels, spirit guides, and even with the spirits of those who have passed on. These incredible mediums are able to go beyond the limits of the real world and into the spirit realms through a method know as channeling (or spiritual channeling to be more precise).

The Method of Psychic Medium Channeling

Channeling is described as the method of connecting to a frequency of consciousness and transforming this energy into various forms of expression. Generally speaking, it is a process of receiving and relaying information from an exterior entity while in an altered state of consciousness.

Psychic medium channeling can take place in two forms — spontaneous (or trance) and induced (or conscious). In spontaneous psychic medium channeling, the individual has no form of control over the circumstance (examples are falling into sudden trances stats or lapses of consciousness). Meanwhile, induced psychic medium channeling describes the process in where a person can connect to the spirit realm at will.

3 Stages in Psychic Medium channeling

Everyone is born with an innate psychic side. Because of this premise, it is possible that everyone has some degree of psychic mediumship skills within them. channeling is actually a skill that anyone can learn and pick up. The only thing it needs is a person’s perseverance to spiritually grow and the motivation to achieve it. Needless to say, you can’t learn to channel in just a snap; channeling takes a gradual learning process. There are three stages of psychic medium channeling, and they are the following:

STAGE 1: REGULARLY PRACTICING MEDITATION. Start by finding that perfect spot where you can meditate. Meditate on a daily basis by focusing on clearing the mind and relaxing the body. Take deep breaths and push out all the stress and anxiety every time you exhale.

STEP 2: ATTEMPTING TO MAKE CONNECTIONS. After you have perfected meditation, it is now time to attempt to make psychic medium connections with the spirit world. Here’s a psychic medium channeling secret — you have to agree to let the entity in before it will come in and start relaying information. If you are not comfortable with what you get, you can ask the entity to leave, and it will do so upon request.

There are two ways to connect with the spirit world. Sometimes, it just comes spontaneously — like you feel a sudden presence and the like. On the other hand, the other way to establish a connection is to call for them by concentrating on who you want to summon. You’ll know when you’ve made a connection when you feel something different — like a tingling unexplainable sensation.

STAGE 3: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. As what we’ve mentioned, channeling requires a gradual learning process. If you’re new to channeling, it can be difficult at first to connect with the spiritual realm; and at times, messages that you pick up will appear muddy. But as you regularly practice psychic medium channeling, you will eventually learn how to do it accurately.

There isn’t any shortcuts to master psychic medium channeling; it takes time and a lot of practice. Always keep in mind that channeling is all about connecting with your inner psychic sense and to be able to use your inner psychic energies to cross over to the spirit world. The ultimate goal is that you will be able to harmoniously put the mind, body, and soul into a peaceful meditative state to make those connections.

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