Hollywood Stars Wearing Crystals and Their Gemstones

Hollywood doesn’t seem to have enough stars to brighten up its gates, but the stars themselves keep wearing such fabulous, crystals and gemstones, as they love partnering such stones with amazing clothes while taking their walk on the red carpet. While some say they like wearing crystals and gemstones as their birthstones. Really, these trinkets are said to have the ability to enhance the natural aura of a person. Let’s see what they can do to some of our popular stars’ already bright future!

January – Garnet
Oprah Winfrey – January 29, 1954
Patrick Dempsey – January 13, 1966

Garnet is known to trigger the creative abilities of a person and activate the desire to help others sincerely. Oprah could very well be carrying this gem in her pocket with all the philanthropic work she’s doing and clearly, the scrub suit isn’t enough to bring out Patrick’s natural passion to save lives.

February – Amethyst
Jennifer Aniston – February 11, 1969
Rihanna – February 20, 1988

We all agree that Jennifer and Rihanna could do well with a little calm and balance, with their bad break ups and trying relationships. The Amethyst could channel the calming energy towards their hearts enabling them to clear their thoughts, manage their emotions and sharpen their intuitions.

March – Aquamarine
Sarah Jessica Parker – March 25, 1965
Reese Witherspoon – March 22, 1976

Aquamarine emits energy that centers on spiritual experiences. In effect, it reduces fear, allowing a person to move forward in his or her life experiences. Sarah could benefit from the Aquamarine to balance her hectic work life and her spirituality for a holistic beauty. What better way to maintain her fashion iconic status! Reese, on the other hand, would enjoy the calm of the stone, allowing her to communicate freely and engage in new experiences.

April – Diamond
America Ferrera – April 18, 1984
Leighton Meester – April 09, 1986

While diamonds are often seen as a mere sign of engagement, we should also realize its immense ability to clear the mind and remove negativity! As new stars, America and Leighton could use a little bit of spiritual awareness to keep their minds healthy and hearts always compassionate despite the stress and cutthroat demands of show business.

May – Emerald
Robert Pattinson – May 13, 1986
Megan Fox – May 16, 1986

Being very busy and popular are the two common denominators of Robert and Megan. They could use a little Emerald to stimulate the over-all healing of mental and physical health, as they could usually falter due to stress. This stone could help them harmonize their personal lives while keeping them focused when at work.

June – Pearl
Angelina Jolie – June 4, 1975
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen – June 13, 1986

The pearl is very effective in clearing out emotional imbalances. With the hectic schedule and non-stop drama in the lives of the Olsen Twins and the always in scrutiny tandem of Jolie and Pitt, these guys would really benefit from a little pearl exposure to absorb their stress and prevent them from behaving negatively.

July – Ruby
Lindsay Lohan -July 2, 1986
Daniel Radcliffe – July 23, 1989

Obviously Lindsay and Daniel have talent in common, and there’s no better way to ensure that the artistic juices keep flowing in their careers than to wear some pieces of ruby. It stimulates energy in the body to assist a person while achieving one’s goals. This equilibrium in the mind helps create stability and confidence at the same time, warding off negativity.

August – Peridot
Hayden Panettiere – August 21, 1989
Madonna – August 16, 1958

Peridot is an effective stimulant of regenerative hormones in the body. Therefore, Madonna and Hayden’s athleticism will need support from this stone to aid in muscle relaxation. Peridot is also known to ease the mind during stressful situations, thereby eliminating feelings of nervousness and fear.

September – Sapphire
Beyoncé Knowles – September 04, 1981
Keanu Reeves – September 02, 1964

Artistic people are known to be very emotional, and the sapphire could help them balance their body chemicals at the same time normalize their moods. Sapphire stones are known to promote tranquility and inspiration. Clearly, Beyonce and Keanu are both very artistic and creative and might need a little sapphire to soften their naturally intense emotions.

October – Opal
Zac Efron – October 18, 1987
Simon Cowell – October 07, 1959

It is extremely interesting how the gemstone Opal promotes clarity in making decisions and Simon Cowell is on our list. His name is synonymous to big talent shows that produce stars today and his thoughts simply matter. For Zac Efron, whose career is just about taking off, Opal could be helpful in reducing the effects of fatigue in his career life.

November – Yellow Topaz
Miley Cyrus – November 23, 1992
Scarlett Johansson – November 22, 1984

Popular, beautiful and talented Miley and Scarlett have their schedules pretty full that hardly have any time left to relax. And because of this, they need to have the gemstone, the Yellow Topaz which integrates the busy mind to the refreshing energies of the world. It promotes trust and clarity in communication and encourages the wearer to be in touch with his or her higher desires. Truly ideal for these two stars who are so pretty much wrapped up in their busy careers.

December –Turquoise
Brad Pitt – December 18, 1963
Taylor Swift – December 13, 1989

Taylor Swift would definitely do well wearing turquoise as this gemstone keeps the mind focused at one’s goals especially when he or she is too busy achieving his or her goals. Swift’s talent and success is amazing and the gemstone turquoise would help her keep a more objective look at what she dealt with on her way to the top. As for Brad, this is a great stone to help attune his mind and spirit. Wearing the gemstone turquoise will surely help bring clarity and calm to him.

Really, people have used various kinds of stones for many years and these gems are priced not only for their value but for their inherent ability to pull energies. More than piece of accessory to complete our stars’ awesome wardrobes, various crystals and gemstones might just be able to further improve what is already a great life for them!

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The Beginning of Crystals and Gems

Indeed, everything that God created was beautifully and perfectly made, including man. Man was created to have total dominion over all of God’s creations, the trees and plants, the animals and the nature including the countless precious elements found in our surroundings, such as the crystals and gemstones.

Yes, these stones are one of those most fascinating things that awaken man’s interests. A gemstone or gem is made up of minute fragments of natural minerals. These are then smashed into undergoing a series of mechanical and chemical changes to bring out an expensive jewelry or adornment out of a simple stone.

A gemstone can be described and distinguished being a precious or semi-precious stone rooted from the ancient Greeks. From the ancient times until now, precious gemstones serve as accessories and adornment, and could sometimes determine one’s social status in life. While these gemstones such as the diamonds and emeralds are subdivided according to varieties and groups and sometimes, according to their species.

Treatments for Gemstones and Crystals

Gemstones, just like any other product, must undergo several treatments for their mysterious beauty and quality. Treatments such as heating, radiation, waxing and fracture filling are required for the gemstone to appear as attractive as it can. Despite the beauty and glamour a gemstone can bring, there are also a lot of synthetic or fake stones which are available today such as the stones cubic zirconium and moissanite.

That is why today, experts have become rigid in identifying true gemstones. These gemologists or gemstones experts have the skills to easily determine a piece of beauty that is fake or unreal. However, nowadays, the technology has become so well advanced that even without a gemologist; we can already determine the value of these precious gemstones.

As a matter of fact, in one of Germany’s premier cities, Munich, an International Exhibit will be anchored this year starting October 30th till 1st of November, entitled “Mineralientage Munchien 2009″. It will feature gemological instruments and activities that will include international sales exhibition for minerals, fossils, crystals, gemstones, technical literatures and accessories. This event would surely bring joy to gemstones enthusiasts and will surely be another milestone in the field of Gemology, the science and study of Gemstones.

Gemstones as Trinkets or Lucky Charms

Aside from being an object of art and beauty, gemstones have evolved today as a reliable and constant companion of man. They are believed to bring luck and prosperity as well as abundance and love; and people use them as birth stones as well to pull positive energies towards them.

These gemstones are also used as amulets and lucky charms like in Cleopatra’s wheel, Mystic Star, Samadhi, Lucky Tree and so on. Anyone who wants to make the love of their life successful, all they have to do is get their own “Love Come Back to Me” or the “Aphrodite’s Heart Necklace” gemstones as trinkets or lucky charms.

Truly, crystals and gemstones are considered to be one of the most attractive and precious elements of nature man had ever seen. Gemstones continuously fascinate man through its timeless beauty and elegance. And indeed, the Bible is absolutely true that everything God created was awesomely and wonderfully prepared for the use of mankind.

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The Crystal Truth About Crystals and Gemstones

In life, not everything that is shining is made of gold, but who would not want these splendid minerals on their bodies, their jewelry or their clothes when they just simply spell amazing? The words crystals and gemstones have most often been used interchangeably, but here we’ll take an in depth look into these pricey minerals and describe their origins and the beliefs that were born over the years of using crystals and gemstones.

What’s the Difference between Crystals and Gemstones?

They say that you recognize a crystal because it’s clear but what about diamonds? Diamonds are clear as well making it so complicated to tell them apart. Most of the crystals and gemstones that we see today are already cut but when they are still in their original, mineral form, it is pretty easy to identify each. Crystals are sliced from symmetrically interwoven cuts of glasslike substance that appears like an ice formation. Gemstones, on the other hand, are actually carved and polished from stone formations.

Stones of Healing

Since pre-recorded history, stones and crystals have been used for their healing powers. Men and women have enjoyed using these materials due to their non-invasive, relaxing effects. It is said that stones and crystals absorb or relay energy to the seven primary chakras of the body, relieving tension and exuding relaxation when necessary.

Chakra refers to the seven force centers in the body, which emits energy and permits us to perform our daily activities. One energy deficiency on a particular chakra disrupts the whole energy system in the body creating “disease”. And it is in these diseases that these crystals and gemstones are most often used; to gather, integrate or replenish energies. Since the stones and crystals emit very specific energies and are able to stimulate, make sure you properly place these materials at precise points in the body to heal what needs healing.

Fashionable Minerals

Before, prehistoric men wore rocks of various shapes, sizes and colors and have even used them as tools. And many years after, royalties mainly used these materials as necklaces and adornments, even turning them into crowns! Now, gemstones and crystals are everywhere! Be it on your earrings, bags, shoes and clothes. Fashion designers have long recognized its use in fashion designing.

And nowadays, a woman can hardly live her life without setting hands upon any jewelry whether as a pair of earrings, a ring, a shoe embellishment or a decorative piece on her belt. Men’s fashion, on the other hand, makes use of these minerals as cufflinks, necklace or rings regardless of their value.

Also, most people now have started using the affordable mineral beads as a form of passion or a hobby. This way, personalized beadworks of necklaces and other forms of jewelry have been made possible and available to everyone.  At one point, Swarovski crystals have become so popular to the point they appear on practically anything that can be beaded with crystals, most especially, on wedding dresses and evening gowns.

Why ladies love to wear crystals and gemstones is not at all surprising!  What with the crystals’ undeniable beauty and splendor, no one could ever escape its lure! Crystals come in different sizes, uses and value. One might even use the crystals and other gemstones for healing purposes, or simply for making you look fabulous, or some other purposes.

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The Crystals And Gemstones Awareness

How many of you have been fascinated by the crystals and gemstones? Were you entranced at the belief that they have healing properties? Or were you just amazed at the beauty and splendor that the various colors, sparkles, and magnetic presence that they convey?

You may be finding it hard to believe in that belief, but crystals and gemstones do have natural healing properties in them that can be used for that purpose. And although there are still no scientific explanations behind them, not only one but many people of various history and cultures are advocating for their healing use.

If you haven’t tried it before, you can use malachite or amethyst. Put it under your pillow at night and observe what it has done to your sleep and dreams. If it has affected your dreams, that is how healing property of that stone is working on you.

The fact is crystals and gemstones can be truly a healing instrument only if you open up to that idea. If you believe in them, it can actually help heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state.

Proven Science and Practical Self-Improvement Alternatives

While these days, proven science thrives to be the stronger force behind medical discovery and application, it is not entirely surprising that other self-improvement methods for healing are also getting into the scene. Take for example the alternative medicines.

Although there are many people who are still skeptical towards this new healing trend, many are unarguably in the faith that alternative medicines are genuine and have properties that can actually help in self-improvement.

Crystal and gemstones are only one of the mediums used to provide a practical self-improvement solution. The difference of the proven science is that many scientists, researches, and medical experts have studied it to prove that it is safe and healing to the people.

While alternative solutions, on the other hand, can still be called science though unproven, were long been used by the ancient people and been introduced to the succeeding generations that up until now are still popular among the many individuals around the world.

Considering the gray areas still linked with alternative healing mediums, like the gemstones and crystals, it is a surprise that many people around the world turn to their use to rely on their benefits. More surprisingly still that after using and trying, there are still many individuals who are fascinated and hooked that they continue to use them.

The Vibrational Patterns

But crystals and gemstones are believed to have healing properties through the vibrational patterns inherent in them. The vibrational pattern is that which affects the vibrations and frequencies of the people causing them to react in a healing manner.

Various stones and crystals are available here on earth and what’s good about them is that each holds unique vibrational pattern from each other so that there is a particular gemstone or crystal that corresponds to certain need.

It is also believed that the longer that you are exposed to them, the more that it can give an impact or effect on you as the vibrational patterns found in the stones or crystals naturally and automatically are drawn or aligned towards the vibrational patterns in you.

By using different crystals and gemstones, the combination of vibrational patterns affects different aspects of your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual anatomy.

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The Benefits Of Crystals And Gemstones.

Thousands of years ago, amulets have been carried by the primitive people supposedly to ward off evils, to have good luck, and attract fortune and even love. There were different forms back then and they are carried and worn or placed in a specific area where people want to be influenced by the magical powers the amulets provide. Crystals and gemstones were one of those forms that are seen used up until now; but only that in a better and more gorgeous form.

Even then, crystals and gemstones are used by the people as jewelry. In fact, the diamonds have remained their characteristics and unchanged all those years, and continuing to become the most sought after highly-valued stone due to their durability, beauty and mesmerizing effect. Up to now, people, especially the women, will do everything just to own pieces of diamonds.

But crystals and gemstones like the diamonds are more than mere crystals and stones that women and men use to adorn their looks. As mentioned a while ago, thousands of years ago, they were used for many purposes. Among them are to achieve balance in life, heal from sicknesses, and improve their luck and fortune. This tradition has been happening for as long as humans were around.

Here are the benefits that humans continue to enjoy from using crystals and gemstones:

•    Healing physical disorders associated with crystals and gemstones is not a new science to people. In fact, it has been used by the people from the primitive era. The scientific explanation points to the ability of the crystals and stones to have the electric conductivity.

The human body, and all other living things for that matter, has the special characteristic of possessing energy, which when aligned with electric conductivity of the crystals and stones produce force. The energy in the body interchanges at points and moves in circuits, and this is called the chakras. It is believed that when crystals or stones are placed on these chakras, it helps heal the organs of the body and help them perform better.
•    Crystals and gemstones are also beneficial to plants and animals. Some people believe that placing them in the pots will help the plants grow better. Likewise, they believe that placing small crystals in the drinking water of their pets will improve their condition and find them refusing to drink other normal water.
•    Crystals and gemstones are also utilized by the feng shui experts. By placing crystals and stones in some strategic areas around one’s house, it is believed that positive energy flow will be accommodated and will enhance luck of the occupant. Example of this is placing huge citrine ball by any cash register in the belief that it will help draw more finances to the merchants.
•    Crystals or gemstones that are used for rings have benefits too. Astrologers associate with improving luck wherein the wearer experiences positive luck. However, a specific crystal ring must be worn by the individual according to their astrological birth chart in order to realize the goal.

For example, it is not advised to wear sapphire ring if it is not your astrological birth chart as this does not attract positive energy at all. If constantly worn, it is believed that the wearer will have positive luck flown into their life.

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The Awesome Style Of A Citrine Ring Jewelry

If you enjoy wearing alluring jewelry set with gemstones, you will have no trouble finding a wide variety of rings with all types of stones used in their settings. One of the more sophisticated designs is found in a citrine ring.


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Did You Know Any Amazing Yet Beneficial Way To Select Gemstones According To Your Blood Group Previously?

Gemstone really look exceptionally attractive in most of the jewelry, be it earrings with emerald gemstone or diamond rings with diamond in it, gemstone just gives that unique finish towards the jewelry that can't be ignores effortlessly, Astrological values of gemstone is 1 another cause why individuals tend to place on gemstone on their jewellery, like in rings or perhaps in bands etc.


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