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Free Horoscope and Astrology based on date of birth

by Stan Savio • April 18, 2013 • 8s Comments


Enter for a chance to win a Free personal horoscope or Astrology based on date of birth in the Sweepstakes every month. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends 12/31/2014.


Participating is easy, just follow these steps:

  • Enter the above giveaway using your facebook account or your email id
  • Earn extra entries for tweeting, following, commenting or liking our facebook page
  • Keep sharing using your custom short link & earn 5 entries for each person who enters with your custom link. Invite friends and family to increase your chances of winning and their too.
  • Enter your Name, age, sex, place of birth and time of birth in the comment box below. This is very important as we will use this information to generate your horoscope. Please be as accurate as possible
  • One winner will be selected each month from March 2014 through December 31, 2014 and if you win we will send you your personalized horoscope or astrology prediction based on date of birth for Free. We usually charge $25 for each horoscope.


Here is what you will get ..

The Predictions will be focused on the following areas:

  • Physical Apprareance, Nature and Profession
  • Wealth & family
  • Courage, mental strength and short journeys
  • Vehicles and property
  • Children, talent and love
  • Enemies & disease
  • Marriage, married life and domestic happiness
  • Accidents
  • Religion, philosophy and distant travels
  • Father, honor, trade and respect
  • Ambitions, aspirations and fulfillments
  • Miseries, sufferings and losses
  • and Much Much more……….


Here are some of the key features of the report

  • Unique report prepared specifically for you based on your birth details. Unlike common horoscope predictions which are just based on sun sign, these  horoscopes take into account your date, time and place of birth among the various other factors to build a horoscope that is as unique as you.
  • Accurate predictions that cover all major areas of life. The report is broken down into 12 chapters that cover all major areas of a persons life. The predictions are explained in a simple to understand language.
  • Detailed charts. Detailed lagna chart, moon rasi chart and navmasa chart with niryana planetary longitudes and tara chakra.
  • All this and much much more for free

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